1. Where is your store located and how can I make purchases?

Our first retail store is at G42, Mall 1, Cityone Megamall, Kuching.

Currently we are operating online through our website and social media. Any purchases can be made through our website, Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram page.

2. What are ADOVE products made of?

Our products are made of 925 sterling silver, 990 full silver and 999 fine silver.

925 sterling silver contains 92.5% of pure silver, while the remaining 7.5% is made up of copper alloy and other elements to increase its hardness, this is the highest international standard of wearable jewellery silver. 999 fine silver, called thousands of silver, silver content is 99.9%, and 990 is called full silver, with 90% silver.

On top of that, some of ADOVE collections are plated with Rhodium (a component of white gold) to increase shininess and durability of the jewellery.

What are the stones made of?

  • Premium cubic zirconia stones

3. Do your products tarnish or turn black?

Fine 99.9% silver does not tarnish. With time, any 925 sterling silver jewellery piece that is exposed to air will oxide and become dull. It is the other metals, that oxidized by the air resulting in the build-up of a dirt layer on sterling silver jewellery. But don't worry, it will be same as new after cleaning & polishing. We provide a FREE cleaning service for your ADOVE jewelleries. Just bring your ADOVE jewellery and tell your registered phone number to any of our outlet stores for a cleaning and collect it back good as new.

If you are unable to reach our outlet's location, Email us or Whatsapp us at our customer service and we will give you the clear guideline of how to deal with it. 

For products care guide, please refer here.

4. How do I take care of my ADOVE jewellery?

Please refer to Product Care.

5. Is there warranty on the accessories?

ADOVE replaces or repairs all purchased items for free if it is determined to be a case of factory defect. Customers are advised to report immediately to [email protected] with evidence in the form of photos or head to our physical retail stores with the customer's receipts, within 14 days of purchase.

30 days after the item is purchased, any man-made damage or wear and tear can be submitted for repairs, but a labor fee will be charged, depending on evaluation of our service center.

All jewellery purchased through our online stores or outlets can enjoy complimentary cleaning service at our outlet.

6. Can we bring the items back for cleaning?

Yes, you can. We are more than happy to perform cleaning services for your accessories FREE of charge

7. I just purchased or received an Adove ring as a gift, but it does not fit, do you resize rings?

We do not provide resizing services for rings and bangles. If the product you ordered does not fit you best, please email us at [email protected] within 24 hours of receipt to lodge an exchange for the sizing of your choice.

Please do follow our procedures under Shipping & Returns Policy. Once we have received the product back in unused and in original condition, with original receipt, we will send you the requested correct sizing.

8. Is all the items ready stock?

Yes, our products displayed on website are ready stocks. However, for the personalizing or customizing, please contact us for pre-order.

9. Will sold out jewellery be re-stock again?

You may leave us a message to check whether the jewellery will restock, click Email us or Whatsapp us.

10. I still have inquiry!

Contact us by Email us or Whatsapp us., our customer service is operating from 10AM-10PM daily,